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Of all her teammates, honey is also the most observant ahney her dating. Unfortunately, during the testing process, the test pilot, abigail, was apparently killed, resulting in the facility s closure. Honey and the others rush to krei tech to save the founder, only to be attacked by a vengeful callaghan. External linksbackground a cheerful and talented chemical engineering student at the san fransokyo institute of technology, honey lemon lends her skills to help form san fransokyo s premier superhero team big hero 6 after a tragic, mysterious fire changes the lives of her and her friends forever. Enraged, hiro removes baymax s healthcare chip (the chip that gives him his sweet and caring nature), leaving him to become a ruthless killing machine with one directive: to destroy callaghan. However, honey believes that such an idea may not be the best, as they re merely a bunch of nerds. Honey is the team member who keeps everyone smiling and her sympathy towards other people s issues can help relieve moments of fear or tension within the group. Honey and the others evade the villain in wasabi s van, where hiro explains the situation. In her superhero form, honey s outfit consists of a pink dress with white linings, dark magenta sleeves and leggings, purple platform heels, and pink armor with a belt to match. Unbeknownst to the team, hiro s microbots were stolen by a mysterious man named yokai, who he and baymax were in the process of capturing. With baymax revived, honey rejoins her friends in the resurgence of big hero 6, who set out to protect san fransokyo from any and all dangers in honor of tadashi s dream of helping a lot of people. Her knowledge of alchemy proves powerful, too, when the effusive brainiac becomes part of the big hero 6 and creates clever concoctions that when thrown, can get her team out of nearly any jam. Before the team can retreat, however, baymax senses life within the portal, leading the team to believe it to be abigail ahney her dating. Baymax and hiro journey inside to save her, but due to a major setback, baymax is forced to sacrifice his life in the process. It can be seen very quickly at the beginning of the film, and when baymax and hiro test their flying abilities in the city for the first time. Incidentally, her pronunciation of his name means that she pronounces it the way a japanese native would, since the spanish and japanese languages have similar r sounds. She also often wears various pairs of large platform heels that boost her to the heights of baymax and wasabi (6 2 , to be exact) and often wears 60s style headbands that cover her hairline. Once they return to san fransokyo, they comfort hiro, knowing that his actions were merely out of grief.

This can be demonstrated by the fact that she is always mixing volatile substances through the potent purse, unfazed by the dangers of doing so during active battles. Honey lemon examining her chem-balls after her super heroine upgrade. Even so, hiro and abigail return safely and with callaghan foiled and behind bars, the city is saved. In the japanese manga baymax, honey takes over fred s position from a deleted scene involving tadashi s presentation of baymax. Callaghan explains that he used the microbots to escape his supposed death, callously brushing off the fact that tadashi died trying to save him. She has demonstrated the ability to perform flips and other forms of acrobatics, though not as good as go go. Honey is seen listening to boca, doce boca by jose luis rodriguez, the father of her voice actress. Fortunately, the friends are able to escape with their lives after falling into the bay and unintentionally fooling yokai into believing them to be dead. Honey receives a special purse capable of creating chemical weapons in the form of chem-balls. Fortunately, baymax reveals to have his health information (having scanned him during the escapade), allowing him access to tracking the villain. Worried for the safety of his friends, hiro encourages the gang to leave, but a comforting honey steps up and refuses to be pushed away, wanting to help her young friend recover from tadashi s demise. The team then takes refuge at fred s mansion home, where they are able to recover from the incident. This arguably ties into the fact that honey is the most intelligent member of the team, aside from hiro. Early concept art showed honey lemon as a barista at the lucky cat café (or sweet bean coffee in some early drafts of the film). During renovations of the walt disney animation studios building, beginning in 2014, honey was one of the character silhouettes featured on the wall mural. Fortunately, the fair is a success and hiro is granted enrollment within the school. Hiro scolds honey on her actions, furious that callaghan had managed to avoid death, but wasabi and go go defend her, telling him that they never agreed to kill yokai. After the boy apologizes for his behavior towards them and the team forgives him, honey reveals to have found another recording from the facility that reveals that the test pilot, abigail, was the daughter of callaghan, revealing that his schemes are driven out of revenge.

One night, however, they find him wandering around the city with baymax, tadashi s healthcare robot, prompting them to follow behind. Such concoctions include hardening foam to halt movement, cushioning foam to break falls, ice to freeze enemies, and smokescreens for camouflage. Honey and her friends return to their normal lives, officially welcoming hiro into san fransokyo tech, greeting him at the lucky cat café in the morning.come fuck me know sites free chat no sighn up.
. Physical appearance honey has slightly tanned skin, bright green eyes, and long, honey-blonde hair that reaches down to her lower back. She is thin and distinctly tall, appearing to be so even without her trademark platform heels. While encountering yokai for the first time, honey is wearing a large white peter-pan collared sweater with a pink ribbon and a headband in the same color. The 2013 rotoscopers video and early information regarding the plot had called for honey and go go having a shallow rivalry involving boys. She is fluent in both english and japanese. The information leads the team to believe that krei is the man behind yokai s mask, wanting to rebuild the portal. While they rest, hiro begins to ponder yokai s identity. After reuniting with her teammates, hiro instructs a new plan--to take out the microbots and send them within the sucking portal. She is funny, outgoing, cheerful, and humorously photogenic. With these, honey can create a variety of unique attacks, making her a powerful member of the team. While her silly quirks and clothing may lead people to believe otherwise, honey is tremendously intelligent, attending the most prestigious technology university in san fransokyo. Don t let her glasses and funky fashion fool you: honey may be as sweet as her namesake, but she has a fire in her belly and a can-do attitude that make her pretty much unstoppable. She also has an unexpected love of danger and experiencing surprising and sudden events usually does not slow her down (or keep her from photographing the moment). Honey s phone case resembles nick wilde, a fox and a major character from honey lemon is currently the only big hero 6 character to have the same voice actor in multiple versions of the movie, as genesis rodriguez voiced honey lemon in the english and latin american spanish dubs of the movie. .

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