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Yes, i used to comp[are it to having cancer, but only if that person does not go to the doctor & prefers to put all the responsibility on you. All that aside, why would or should an emotionally balanced person choose to be in a relationship, that is, by definition, going to be unstable, unpredictable, and difficult. He/she may want a relationship, but he/she isn t capable of normal function in a relationship. Do you even know the exhaustion that comes from being near a beeper on a manic high. There are no overall magic bullet medications for many or most. If i have to keep repeating myself i may go mad posted: 3/14/2009 12:21:45 pm renaissanceman1950 (rm) on 3/14/2009: there are some bi-polar people, who have achieved balance, undergone therapy, and function reasonably in an interpersonal relationship.

It wasnt the sitting in emergency rooms waiting to find out if someone will recover from trying to kill themselves (his is now sitting at 5 times). The best advice i can give, about being in that kind of relationship, is. I would tell any of my friends the same thing (and often do). Substance abuse with illegal drugs and alcohol can be very problematic. I personally had a strong commitment to the vows of in sickness & in health. But i m mainly here to say again, as i have above, that persons with mental illnesses/disabilities have abilities as well -- sometimes extraordinary, as in a beautiful mind bi dating polar.

Posted: 3/22/2009 12:40:09 pm lil booker, i didnt see beautiful mind as being good for the wife, the point of the movie was his mind was so brilliant bi dating polar. Dating someone who is bi-polar page: 10/28/2012 2:51:12 am dating someone who is bi-polar   64, joined oct. The only successful bp relationships are those where the beeper has taken responsibility for their illness and their so knows wtf is going dating in croft pennsylvania.
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