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  53 business letters   business letters written by a private individual differ very little from those sent out from a business house. All you can think of is “poor old steve—what a peach he was. He plays a wonderful game of golf and a good game of bridge, but he is more a man’s than a woman’s type of man. In certain cities—boston, for instance—the last word on a page is repeated at the top of the next.   13 for the little house   on the other hand, farmhouses and little places in the country may have very bright-colored stamping, as well as gay-lined envelopes.    1   those who use long periods of flowered prolixity and pretentious phrases—who write in complicated form with meaningless flourishes, do not make an impression of elegance and erudition upon their readers, but flaunt instead unmistakable evidence of vainglory and ignorance dating a man shorter than me. A generation ago young women used to fancy such an intriguing symbol as a mask, a sphinx, a question mark, or their own names, if their names were such as could be pictured. , with her baptismal name, and add, in parenthesis, her married name.   52 one last remark   write the name and address on the envelope as precisely and as legibly as you can. For simplicity of expression, such as is unattainable to the rest of us, but which we can at least strive to emulate, read first the bible; then at random one might suggest such authors as robert louis stevenson, e. Etiquette in accord with europe also objects strenuously to initials and demands that names be always engraved, and, if possible, written in full, but only very correct people strictly observe this rule. A big house in important grounds should have very plain, very dignified letter paper. The letter of condolence   intimate letters of condolence are like love letters, in that they are too sacred to follow a set form. He is an entertaining and very decent fellow, and i think possibly mrs. Each of these devices must be as small as the outline of a cherry pit and the paper of the smallest size that comes. You remember, uncle bob sang out it was good i was already married, or i wouldn’t be this year dating a man shorter than me. Low, spread-out writing looks better on a square sheet of paper; tall, pointed writing looks better on paper that is high and narrow.

Far better to use a guide than to send envelopes and pages of writing that slide up hill and down, in uncontrolled disorder. )   14   it is foolish perhaps to give the description of such papers, for their fashion is but of the moment. Smith, instead, or perhaps, at the end of personal letters, john h.   she is a person of much charm and distinction, and her many friends will agree with me, i am sure, in thinking that she would be a valuable addition to the club. But as in a communication of any length the difficulty of this form is almost insurmountable (to say nothing of the pedantic effect of its accomplishment), it is no longer chosen—aside from the formal invitation, acceptance and regret—except for notes to stores or subordinates.   62   the tea cloth is perfectly exquisite. John smith may be a gentleman; or may not be one. It is, after all, his own name to sign as he chooses, and in addressing him deference to his choice should be shown. It would be easy enough to write to pauline, the daughter. Your message may speak merely of a small incident—something so trifling that in the seriousness of the present, seems not worth recording, but your letter and that of many others, each bringing a single sprig, may plant a whole memory-garden in the hearts of the bereaved. She also wishes him to have the shutters opened and the house aired on that day, and a fire lighted in the northwest room.  113   letters in the third person are no longer signed unless the sender’s signature is necessary for identification, or for some action on the part of the receiver, such as   will mr. For the former it is necessary merely that the persons introduced have business interests in common—which are much more easily determined than social compatibility, which is the requisite necessary for the latter.   don’t forget, you are coming in on tuesday afternoon to see the presents. Turmoil and flurry may be characteristic of the manners of to-day; both are far from the ideal of beautiful manners which should be as assured, as smooth, as controlled as the running of a high-grade automobile. He is very agreeable personally, and i think that perhaps you and mr. John smith, esquire, is john smith, gentleman.

Even if the jones children are young, the misses jones should receive a separate envelope, and so should master jones.    6   paper should never be ruled, or highly scented, or odd in shape, or have elaborate or striking ornamentation.   she is leaving to my great regret because i am closing my house for the dating in central valley washington.
. It may be placed left, or right, as preferred. He is one of the best sort in the world and i know you will like him. ” (for address and close of letters to persons of title, see table at the end of this chapter. No lady should ever sign a letter “respectfully,” not even were she writing to a queen. The recommendation for a nurse can not be too conscientiously written. Affectionately always, dearest caroline:   mildred west, for whom i wrote to you this morning, is a very close friend of mine. Smith,” “dear sarah,” “dear sally,” “sally dear,” “dearest sally,” “darling sally,” are increasingly intimate. Maybe if tom likes him, he will put him up at a club as he is to be in chicago for some weeks. For a handwriting which is habitually large, a larger sized paper should be chosen than for writing which is small.   88 dear “aunt annie”:   now that it is all over, i have a confession to make.   60   do not from this suppose that well-bred people write badly. If the flap is square instead of being pointed, it may be allowed greater length without being eccentric.  117   that solves the poor recommendation problem pretty well; but unless one is very careful this consideration for the “poor” one, is paid for by the “good. .

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