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Chinese kangxi blue and white porcelain was increasingly varied and innovative in its designs dating japanese porcelain. Imperial porcelain is of the highest quality and is nearly always finely marked, the potting is perfect and there are few, if any, iron spots or other imperfections in the glaze. Until recently chinese kangxi blue and white porcelain was seriously under valued and even now with the interest from mainland china it is still possibly undervalued although already expensive. In addition to the designs already mentioned dutch and other european shapes and designs were in evidence prior and during the kangxi period. The present day fakers are very in touch in a way that the 19th century forgers were not. ; 1,384 pages; 200 colour plates; 4800 black and white illustrations; in all describing 10,000 pieces dating from the yuan to the qing dynasties the relevant volumes from: master pieces of chinese art in the national palace museum; taipei, taipei. There were a very large number of kilns at the main centre of production at jingdezhen producing hundreds of thousands of pieces of blue and white porcelain.

For example, recently in addition to the kangxi fakes wanli-type large kraak jars were being auctioned as being genuine but as well-informed dealers pointed out that these jars should be made in two pieces and horizontally luted together in the middle dating japanese porcelain. There are still areas where collecting kangxi blue and white porcelain is possible for comparatively small sums of money. Once again there are one or two rules of thumb. They know how to write the reign marks correctly and are very adept at transferring the designs of genuine pieces onto new ones. For example kangxi blue and white porcelain tea bowls and saucers of a very high quality can be purchased for 500 pounds or less whereas early european counterparts can be considerably more expensive. This makes me reluctant to discuss fakes in too much detail as this website has a very large number of visitors. Anthony gray: chinese kangxi blue and white porcelain   chinese kangxi blue and white porcelain at its best is superb and rivals any other chinese blue and white produced during the earlier periods.

Some collectors seem to find it difficult to differentiate between chinese kangxi blue and white porcelain and the earlier transitional wares. In the case of the finer pieces of transitional porcelain the figure painting is ‘tighter’ than that found on kangxi blue and white. Unfortunately, it is very easy to gain an unfavourable impression because it was a period when due to huge demand from europe and the home market, even very poor products were commercially viable.eight simple rules for dating my daughter cast.
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