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Early on he was seen as the troublemaking slacker, but as time went on, he became a hard-working teacher in the end. But anywho, after “the cosby show,” thomas did a lot of guest spots on shows like “the fresh prince of bel-air,” “the west wing,” “sister, sister, and he had a recurring role on “the bold and the beautiful” most recently in 2005. You know, the guy who loved all the hats, cleaned planes, loved him some big shirley and lived with his mother. Aside from being on-screen, she does music, releasing albums like here’s to new dreams (’93), undeniable (’99), and her self-titled album (2008). But since the show ended, we’ve only seen her around here and there. She was in the movie high fidelity with john cusack, biker boyz, and even on the show, life on mars. Com like this: tempestt bledsoe vanessa was the often nosey daughter who went head to head with rudy and theo, and as she got older, she went from bickering with them, to trying to marry her boo dabnis (they didn’t end up walking down the aisle). Cooper,” “that’s so raven,” was a voice on “kim possible,” and recently tried to do the abc family show, “state of georgia. Maxine was a long ways away from cousin pam. Well, he was cockroach in his “cosby show” days, but on “martin,” he was the uber-stupid but lovable cole brown. Find my matches sammi sweetheart giancola s 30th birthday bash. After the show, bledsoe stuck to television, doing shows like “johnny b good,” “husband for hire (tv movie),” and just completed para norman and is filming the tv movie, “dilfs.

Com erika alexander cousin pam on the show, alexander is another one we’ve covered before (where are they now: living single). He often got a lot of funny but misguided advice from his older brother that he would try to share with rudy, making many of their exchanges on the show very hilarious. Just in case you were thinking that…thanks. He was funny, but stern, and he was cool as hell. Plus, he’s racked up a number of honorary degrees just for being him. Nonetheless, since some of the other og cast members were mia from the party, we started getting curious about what everyone is up to these days. Com keshia knight pulliam rudy huxtable was the very cute youngest child of the huxtable family. Com it has been 20 years since “the cosby show” went off the air, and since then, many black sitcoms have tried to fill the void that the iconic show left behind dating now cast. Martin kendall, father to olivia, husband to denise. Movie wise, he was in movies like the meteor man and jack. After the show ended, taylor did the movies sommersby, smoke, and due south, but passed away at the age of 93 due to heart failure. ” she was about one thing, and one thing only–loving her some steve urkel.

After the show, she did a lot of movies: the little rascals, doctor dolittle (1 & 2), the princess diaries 2: royal engagement, college road trip, and the tv movies, “revenge of the bridesmaids” and “the cheetah girls. It was light years ahead of its time when it debuted in ’84, and from it, we learned a lot of things. ” after having the opportunity to show out on both shows, she had a role on “malcolm & eddie” as nicolette, and voiced dijonay jones on “the proud online webcam sex chat no fee no registering no logging in.
. While he started off as a somewhat annoying and chauvinistic character, he changed a lot during the show. Com carl anthony payne ii he was theo’s best friend, cockroach, for the early seasons, but allegedly, after refusing to get a haircut, he was fired by bill cosby (why not get the freaking haircut. For instance, why you shouldn’t drink, the importance of gordon gartrelle shirts, the song “the night time (is the right time),” and what the cosby sweater was, among other more serious and important things. We’ve covered him before too (where are they now: martin), so once again, in case you missed it: cockroach. She was smart beyond her years, and had the most interesting friends (we’ll touch on that in a few). Com share this: phylicia rashad fashion forward clair huxtable stayed busy after the show ended, and while she did a little tv work (“cosby” and the tv movie, “a raisin in the sun” for example), she more or less got her kicks doing plays and movies. .No membership private sex webcams.Personal debt consolidating mortgage.

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