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But what do you call the place where you go to visit someone s scattered ashes. Martha reads walt whitman s poem on the beach at night, alone. Il biologo svedese erik zimen cercò di addestrare dei lupi a tirare una slitta. For example, if the definition is kind of potatoes, and the clue is she is in mad, what kind of potatoes are we talking about. There are many everyday terms that come from horse-racing, such as the term hands-down. Plus, just because a city s name looks familiar doesn t mean you should assume you know how the locals pronounce it. This episode is hosted by martha barnette and grant barrett. Full details on our facebook group, listeners share a variety of ways to refer to someone who s lived a half-century or more: 50-plus, member of the 600 month club, 29 plus shipping and handling, the 40th anniversary of my 30th birthday, and jack benny-plus. Raramente le femmine scavano una tana nuova; queste si trovano mediamente a 500 metri da una fonte d acqua, posseggono da 1 a 3 entrate e sono poco profonde. A seattle, washington, listener wants to know why, when marking time, we say one mississippi, two mississippi, as opposed to other states or rivers.

The word belt is sometimes used to denote a loosely defined geographical area. A san antonio, texas, woman wonders about a tradition she grew up with. Sacrilegious derives from sacrilegus, a latin word that means a stealer of sacred things. If you miss, you get a letter from the word horse. It s a reference to the qualities of the sticky peanut butter and the slippery jelly. In many cases, this phrase is indeed a pleonasm, but grant explains that in some contexts this use of the word at plays a particular linguistic role to convey additional meaning. Finally, a conversation with an expert on polar bears leads to a discussion of history and folklore around the world. Attacchi predatori (sferrati da lupi che trattano gli uomini come prede) sono preceduti da un lungo periodo di consuetudine, in cui i lupi perdono poco per volta la paura per gli uomini. Medical professionals use the term chandelier pain to refer to the result of touching an exquisitely painful spot--so painful that patients involuntarily rise from the examining table or reach toward the ceiling. In china, a similarly silly type of humor goes by a name that translates as cold joke.

A san diego, california, listener bemoans the lack of a specific term for the person who is married to one s brother or sister. In the early 20th century, a fast, high-energy dance among african-americans was called balling the jack. Ipa (international phonetic alphabet) to the xxx sexy chat room astreliya.
. The japanese term, medama yaki, translates as fried eyeball. Plus: when two elephants fight, it s the grass that suffers -- weighty proverbs from east africa. Un lupo grigio e uno sciacallo dorato impagliati al museo di zoologia di san pietroburgo. A man in carlsbad, california, contends that the word ex for a former partner or a former spouse sounds too harsh. In grecia, la specie scomparve nel 1930 dal peloponneso meridionale. .Real live srilankan web cam sex chat.

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