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His main examples are of girlfriends tailing their rockstar boyfriends, but he will gladly swap the genders around to show he s an equal-opportunity opponent here. Fictional examples also pop up from time to time. In the legend of black heaven, oji s wife yoshiko (or yokko ), a groupie of the metal band oji fronted in his glory days, is broadly hinted to have caused the breakup of the band by conceiving oji s son gen. But when the nearly-infertile miyano successfully impregnated his wife, he couldn’t contain his excitement and announced everything in an interview uploaded to nico nico douga. In bakuman。, when it comes out that miho azuki, now a very popular voice actress, is dating the main character, mashiro, there is a massive amount of fan rage and internet backdraft. A well-known incident included pattie and cynthia accompanying john and george on a vacation to get away from beatlemania, but when the press learned about their whereabouts, the women dressed up as maids for protection reasons against the aggressive fans. Once she befriended a girl named sakura, only to be dumped by her new friend once she learned that she was dating sakuya. Athena: yeah, there are some restrictions in my personal life. Most of it seems to be ship-to-ship combat ( just because she’s from australia. Even today, some people accuse her of using jack to get subs for her own channel and leeching off his fame. , meanwhile seems to be quite adept at running his own team, which makes teresa’s unilateral decision to not let him take over dale earnhardt, inc. Juniel got some hatred to mentioning that she was friends with some exo members; fans took this as her dating one of them and accused her of being an attention whore. Kyo koi o hajimemasu: tsubaki was a victim of this when it comes to being close to kyota, even moreso when it got out that they started. The fact that she was 34 years his junior and he was already dealing with major physical and mental ramifications of aging by the time they got married isn t helping. In lovely complex, risa koizumi is attacked by a girl named mimi due to her closeness to the basketball captain ootani, whom mimi has her heart set on. ” justin bieber has a large number of truly creepy loony fangirls, who will attack any woman who goes so far as to take a picture with him. When he briefly dated actress shin se-kyung, that didn’t sit well with the rabid shippers, who frequently painted her as a villainous, awful, and generally unpleasant person noureen dewulf dating. She wasn’t as nice a person as linda, either; in particular, the public was put off by her extreme and confrontational approach to animal rights. In the legends of the ferengi, one of the stories recounts how the popular ferengi music group success broke up after grymi success skipped the isle of grubs music festival to spend the evening in a tube grub sack with his wife, a bolian performance artist named pino. Exo’s baekhyun and girls generation’s taeyon were caught dating in 2014, and since both bands were wildly popular, they each got a ton of flak from each other’s fanbase. The fans are most irked by her only releasing new albums with zappa music in small quantities, despite there being literally four vaults with unreleased recordings in zappa’s archives.

She even supposedly had an affair with mick jagger and was off partying with the rolling stones in new york when her husband was ousted in 1979. Then it was delta goodrem (who ironically enough was reportedly a rabid miley fangirl); her fans also blame jonas for distracting her from her music. When kris tait replaced the amazing stacia as hawkwind’s resident stage dancer, she very quickly extended her remit to cover choreography, stage direction, and even playlist choices. One direction, being a popular boy band, has its share of problems with crazy fangirls: xtra factor co-host caroline flack started dating one direction s youngest member, then-17-year-old harry styles, there were the expected cradle robbing jokes — and then there were the death threats. Kings of the wyld: valery, gabe s wife, is often credited with breaking apart saga by poisoning gabe s ear and talking about coexisting with monsters. — it’s most prevalent among musicians, followed by actors and athletes. Korea has many boy bands, and accordingly, it has many crazy fangirls who will attack any band member who dates anybody. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.     the trope namer  the trope namer is yoko ono, widow of the beatles’ john lennon. His first wife, maria ermak, was widely considered a bitch and was blamed for his retirement noureen dewulf dating. Some fans hated her because she “stole” harry away from them, some because she got in the way of larrystylinson, and some because they just didn t like her. She was behind early for being a replacement scrappy, paul having met and married her not long after linda died.     literature  in the confessions of georgia nicolson series, georgia considers this trope the reason why robbie s bandmates dislike her. Producer glenn fricker has never been through this himself, but he has seen it ruin so many promising careers it s something he warns about very often on his youtube channel. Louis started dating a model a few months later, and that rubbed the fans the wrong way. Fans were concerned about her negatively impacting his image and street cred; it didn’t help that one of kanye’s biggest hits is called “gold digger”. Tennant’s current wife georgia moffett doesn’t get nearly as much ire, but that’s likely because she’s also the daughter of fifth doctor peter davison, which outweighs all the shipping considerations in the nerdiest communities. The poor woman was so overwhelmed that she cancelled the date. Oiler fans blame janet for the trade, thinking she wanted to be in l. When she was dating ritchie neville from the boy band five, billie piper was subject to this. Frank zappa’s widow gail gets a lot of hatred, mostly from how she handled zappa’s career after his death.

She was in the dark knight), and they accuse cruise of having a corrupting influence in her personal life, including converting her to scientology. Fans considered her an attention whore and resented her being even more popular than her husband (at least partly because indy car is not as well-known as f1 or nascar). The significant others of the other band members have had this treatment, too, but not nearly to the same extent that caron chat rooms without registration.
. Then it was revealed that brian cheated on anita with his secretary; weirdly, both brian and anita got off fine, but the secretary was publicly humiliated. Related tropes include dungeonmaster s girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); contractual purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date more creative after hooking up.     live action tv  the exact title of the trope, yoko oh no , occasionally appears on tv, such as in the all that sketch c. They get a literal ass-kicking by the ghost giant, who punishes meddlers like that among saitou high students, and the girl is reunited with the boyfriend without needing to possess kazumi. She is, however, a perfectly lovely and sweet woman, but is savvy enough to get the references to her in his music and does not appreciate them. ) :: indexes ::marcela valladolid married fausto gallardo, divorced him, married him again, then apparently dated  paul hollywood, and then she allegedly divorced her husband again. Persistent rumors suggest she was so bad that they would just turn off her microphone during recording sessions. Progressive metal band queensrÿche’s lead singer geoff tate invited his wife susan to take over the band’s management. On jack almost married a manipulative, vampy gold digger. She also apparently banned him from cosplaying as a male star wars character for the premiere of episode vii for no other reason than sexism. Louis cardinals superstar albert pujols’ wife deidre (derisively referred to as “dee dee”) is often blamed by cardinals fans for his decision to sign with the los angeles angels note of anaheim as a free agent in december 2011. They claim this sparked a rift between the two players and eventually led to the breakup of a potentially powerful mavericks team. Folklore on the football end has it that victoria was too snooty and london-centric to want to slum it in a city like manchester, a whole 200 miles from london and without harrod’s. As such, yui and chizuru corner kanba at some point, asking him if he has a new girlfriend. And the cloudy knights , where one of the cloudy knights has a girlfriend named yoko who threatens to leave him if he doesn t become the lead singer. .Great expectations dating service blog.Are jake weber and patricia arquette dating.

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