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Boots, blink  the actress tells us why she’s had to work doubly hard to prove herself. Even now, at 35, i think there are youngsters in their 20s who are much more streetwise than me. ‘i realise i’ve come from quite a spoilt and privileged background,’ she says. As a result, she took five months away from the spotlight. The actress tells us why she’s had to work doubly hard to prove herself. It’s important to give something back because acting is a life of privilege. One of my co-stars, julie graham, and i are old mates. So when the producer of tipping the velvet said, ‘we chose you because we knew you’d swing naked from the nearest chandelier,’ i should have realised he wasn’t offering me the role because i was deeply and importantly talented. The tabloids had a field day with tipping the velvet, which was great for the viewing figures but not necessarily for the actors involved stirling dating. I was never taken on film sets as a child. ’ my instinct is to surround myself with the company of wise, witty, wonderful women, and i have a great bank of female friends of all ages. Our roles in doctor who (the crimson horror), however, are so celebratory, camp and tongue-in-cheek. We were wearing our sensible pyjamas and at the moment of orgasm he had to grunt, ‘ock, mary, thank you. Still, she’s made it as an actress entirely on her own terms. I go back to the same little fishing village every year with one of my best friends, the actress daisy haggard. I know more about the female anatomy now than i ever thought i would – and i was present at both my daughters’ births stirling dating.

I was playing his dour, sexless scots wife, mary. Set in the 1950s, it’s the story of four female code-breakers forced to return to their humdrum domestic lives at the end of the war. People told me i’d been brave to end it. We play cards, eat greek yoghurt and honey, dance around like idiots to music that we love and go naked moonlight swimming off the little pier just below our flat. It cost me under £300, which was a bargain, but then i’m not really a splurger. On the other, she’s a proper mucker – funny, open, disarmingly honest, with a terrific line in outrageous swearing. The four of us had a brilliant time every day, howling with laughter but also working our backsides off. It’s why i’ve worked so hard to prove myself, says rachael sometimes you just have to surf the ‘crapola’ of life and i had a funny old year of doing just that. She’s never been tempted to modify her vocab or diction to fit in with current fashions. The break-up coincided with a weird time in my career. He said, ‘it’s been a learning curve, girls. Her ma, in case you haven’t guessed from those coat-hanger cheekbones, is dame diana rigg, who karate-kicked her way into 1960s legend as the leather-clad avengers star emma peel. He’s from the caribbean and he creates these wonderful, bright, slightly naive paintings. Following my ma [the avengers star diana rigg, left] into acting makes me a boring, walking cliché. Rachael as millie in upcoming series the bletchley circle it’s rare to be on a set that’s so female-orientated. A juvenile lead can not be wearing underwear like that.

I can remember people pointing at her in marks & spencer. That’s not to say i couldn’t fall in love again, and i do definitely want children. I was lured back to work by the small but brilliant role of anna in the movie snow white and the huntsman [starring charlize theron and kristen stewart].dating directory dating services and personals.
. But i didn’t have a clue that it meant walking to the spot on the floor that was marked by coloured tape and not straying from it. Before that, she stars with anna maxwell martin, julie graham and sophie rundle in the three-part itv drama the bletchley circle. The first time i was told i’d ‘wrapped’ [movie jargon for finished for the day], i sat in my caravan until they came to lock up. Her pa is archie stirling, millionaire farmer and businessman and also laird of the scottish keir estate. We shared a dressing room years ago during my first play at the donmar warehouse. And everything has been going well since then. My class and accent have probably lost me as many roles as they’ve got me. During 2010 and 2011, i’d been nominated for two oliviers, but nothing being offered afterwards made my juices flow. Her roles have included the lesbian nan astley in controversial tv drama tipping the velvet and ursula brangwen in the bbc’s adaptation of women in love. She’s back now, better than ever, and will be appearing with her mother in an episode of doctor who next year. We loved the first assistant director and bought him a farewell bottle of champagne. It’s for children who are struggling with literacy. .

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