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Also, the part about the nude photo: that would be from duhamel s modeling days. Many, many, many dl threads have discussed him. By anonymous 10/26/2016 thanks, [r515], as much as i d love it to be cameron who was searching for the 3 way (b/c, he s a sweetheart - i d take him over ingo or josh), it makes more sense it was ingo. I still can t believe he was only in the role for a couple of months. Lucky and nikolas were arguing all the time, but it looked like they really wanted to kiss and jump each other s bones. I hadn t heard he was gay, but i definitely knew that day. In fact, he went so far as to try to get the boy into the sack by orchestrating a three-way. By anonymous 10/16/2016 r136 terry lester has been dead for many years. By anonymous by anonymous 10/17/2016 some of these have already been mentioned, but off the top of my head:[html removed] johnny labey. By anonymous by anonymous 10/26/2016 i know cameron mathison and josh duhamel are straight and married, blah blah blah, but didn t cam try to maneuver josh into a three-way with his then gf. During one rookery visit, keith presented louis with an elegant, silk smoking jacket. Interesting that cameron has had bi rumors for as i ve been aware of his existence but josh only attracted them after getting with fergie, afaik. He said it really freaked him out as he was relatively young and naive.

By anonymous 10/23/2016 actually in his book, the q guide to soap operas, former tv guide columnist, daniel r. By anonymous 10/29/2016 was lee patterson, who played joe riley on oltl, gay. By anonymous 10/22/2016 surely brian starcher was gay. By anonymous 10/22/2016 do either partake of the cock. He starts shit with everyone and then melts down. Ingo was also bothering cameron that night. I watched other athletes walk up to her and speak so i was really curious at this point so i asked someone. By anonymous 10/16/2016 r83 i assume you mean mek s ex-wife, catherine hickland, instead of hicks. By anonymous by anonymous 10/21/2016 another one from dark shadows was keith prentice who played morgan collins. First they got a soft boy, someone almost feminine - i think he won the emmy for younger actor; while the list of ingenue younger actress daytime emmy winners and noms is impressive: julianne moore (seriously), anne heche, melissa leo, robin wright, the guys. By anonymous 10/23/2016 i m not surprised there doesn t appear to be much gossip/info on kin shriner. Both he and his wife were from philadelphia. By anonymous 10/23/2016 you have a point, r467, but all those soap guys from the 70s and 80s who died of aids weren t exactly haitian.

At first, neither knew the other was gay because at that time, everything was a secret and almost everyone was still in the closet. When you google dane witherspoon cause of death every site i ve seen says no cod was ever released. Matt bomer and murray bartlett are both out and rhymes to end dating crimes.
. The younger actor was already infected with hiv, but didn t know it at the time. My first boyfriend when i was 21 looked almost exactly like him. By anonymous 10/21/2016 you can always tell when frauen have invaded a thread. He was like a clone of bryggman but none of the good parts; he imitated his tv dad and it wasn t a good imitation. When he came on as a recast boyfriend of cassie, he had a great smile, hair, and body. In the louis edmonds biography ( big lou ), edmonds says that prentice was one of his favorite co-stars on dark shadows. I also knew their friends who lost lots of money. By anonymous 10/15/2016 big soap fan here -- when i saw all these guys dropping in the 80s and into the 90s of aids, i thought, well, that s it tracy edmonds dating photos. .Online free chat rooms for horny people cam.

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