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Add message | report catbows wed 17-may-17 10:17:54 just having a conversation with a friend about a guy she is with that point blank refuses to go down on women. Poke about: i like going out to the beach ,partying chatting , meeting new friends having a good time etc. ) if he wouldn t do it to me, then i wouldn t do it to him though. If he feels like she s pressuring him, that s really unfair. Don t send add request if we haven t chatted before. Yes the pic isnt me, but its a similar pic. You may not enter this site if you are easily shocked or offended. I suppose for the deal breakers it perhaps would be because that is the only way they orgasm. He feels pressured and she feels unfulfilled, sounds like it s going nowhere fast add message | report pinkheart5917 wed 17-may-17 10:35:27 it wouldn t be a deal breaker for me, no. And clitoral stilmulation is pretty much always necessary for me personally to reach orgasm anyway wales sex chat no register. If it was a long term thing & she saw a future in it & theoretically was never going to receive oral ever again & she liked it, she should bin him off wales sex chat no register. If everything else was good (and that s not necessarily a given, here) then it would not be a deal breaker for me. I would be disappointed though, because i enjoy it. If she liked it which it sounds like she does, then it becomes a problem.

It doesn t matter whether he has or hasn t done it before or if he is just guessing that he wouldn t like it. Add message | report harlequinblue wed 17-may-17 10:49:06 ime people complain of the pressure when its something they don t want to do. Mood will change day to day whether i m domme, sub, or none of the above. I believe most of you remember me, if you were on my friends list please feel free to add me. This isn t give and take necessary in any relationship. However if i didn t like to give or receive there is no way i would be guilted into it. Is he a considerate partner in other ways. He has the right to refuse, but if it is a deal breaker for your friend, she should leave. I do think, she might want to stop giving him bjs if she is not that into them and especially if she is doing it because she thinks he d return the favour. Add message | report dumbo412 wed 17-may-17 10:34:05 not for me. If that is the case, then she should explain that to him and see what he says. If she is annoyed by it because she perceives it as selfish, i think she needs to look at other areas of the relationship or look at their sex life as a whole. He d have to be very good at other things sexually though to make up for it, and if he wasn t that would be a dealbreaker. Add message | report whataloadofoldbollocks wed 17-may-17 10:46:26 i love it when i m with a man who loves going down on me, and although it wouldn t necessarily be a dealbreaker if he didn t i would be disappointed.

Poke love taboo cuckold rp, betrayal, feminisation, and regular ol fun butt stuff. But she shouldn t issue ultimatums or put pressure on him. A friend and her dh have never done it during 20 years of marriage and are perfectly happy.english guy dating a polish girl.
. Also, if somebody didn t like the texture of my vagina. Add message | report cricketruntandrashers wed 17-may-17 10:56:01 it would be for me. Poke this site contains adult materials or materials that may be considered offensive in some communities. Add message | report catbows wed 17-may-17 10:50:37 i don t think the issue is that she misses the actual sexual act but she finds it fairly selfish, she has told him she likes it a lot in the past. Add message | report ravenblack wed 17-may-17 10:52:06 i don t think it would be a deal breaker, but i have never had a man refuse,so it s hard to say exactly what i would think/how i would react unless the situation arose. So long as both parties are happy/being fulfilled in other ways i don t see a problem. Add message | report whattodoaboutthis2017 wed 17-may-17 10:25:47 it wouldn t be a deal breaker for me, no. If it s a deal breaker for her then that is her choice. It s a shame he s not even prepared to try it though. Then again, if that is the premise of the relationship if you won t, i won t; it doesn t bode well does it. .

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